What is the Sonny Sneed Project?

Sonny Sneed-the black inventor of the Dual Tip Punch, now living in the Akron Ohio area- sees a hole in the public education system for young adults and wants to help do something about it.

He knows that not every young adult in his community can be the next professional athlete or rock star, nor do they have the opportunity or desire to continue their traditional education. He also knows that those same young adults can make a good life for themselves and contribute to their communities and the greater good, by pursuing and learning a trade that will provide for them and their future families. The same kind of trade that provided for his.

And this is where he wants to help.

With participating partners (including established trade school and veteran organizations), The Sonny Sneed Project will endeavor to provide funding for further education in the trades through a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the patented Dual Tip Punch.  Additionally, a documentary on Sonny Sneed will be produced and will be used to help raise awareness of Sonny's passion for educating inner city youth, his remarkable invention and his fascinating journey from the cotton fields of Montezuma, Georgia to north east Ohio.

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