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An American Dream is not a straight biographical drama. Rather, it will be a non-linear exploration of Sonny’s life as an inventor against the backdrop of American history.

The movie will be comprised of two main parts that hand the storyline off back and forth. One, an intimate look into Sonny’s life, from his humble beginnings in the cotton fields of Montezuma, Georgia to present day. And two, a bird’s eye view of the history of Black inventors in the United States of America.

This will be handled similarly to the way The Grapes of Wrath structures its narrative arc, where Steinbeck alternates between chapters that focus on the Joad family’s personal journey to California with colorful, detailed vignettes that communicate the collective experience of people as a whole.

Our trailer was produced for us by Moonlight Pictures LLC.

We are currently looking for a suitable production company for our documentary. If you or anyone you know are interested, please contact us below.

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