Sonny Sneed is a lot of things, but one of them isn't boring.

This is not what an inventor of industry disrupting technology looks or sounds like. He is prone to being too excitable, too colloquial, too unorthodox to be taken seriously.

You can sit and listen to him and before you know it, hours have whisked by. His energy (for a 76 year old man) is infectuous and he leaves you needing more. He has heart, a sharp mind, and a tenacious spirit that leaves you convinced he will conquor the mountain and bring his dreams to reality.

"Forward Ever, Backwards Never" It's the mantra Sonny has lived his life by, and something you will have to ask him about when he's on your show.

Sonny is ready to talk!

There's a lot on Sonny's mind and ... quite frankly ... he has a thought on just about everything. First and foremost however, is the lack of opportunity and for young adults in the inner-city that have neither the desire, nor the means, to attend a college or university. Trade schools offer an opportunity to extend their education and allow then to get to work quickly and provide in meaningful ways for their families and communities.

Topics Sonny is happy to discuss:

  • How his experiences as a minority inventor have shaped his outlook on education and more importantly, Trades-based education?
  • What kinds of unrealistic expectations has the glamorization of professional, minority athletes impressed upon todays youth?
  • Why does a "Dual-Tip Punch" matter in todays manufacturing climate?
  • What struggles and obstacles has he faced in business as a minority Inventor?

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